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My Summer Internship At Spectrum

August 1st, 2015

This summer I had the greatest opportunity to work as a Sales-Associate at Spectrum Commercial Properties.  After taking a few real estate courses at Clemson University and receiving my SC Real Estate License, I thought I knew almost everything there is to know about the industry. I quickly realized I was wrong. The things I learned through working side by side with Michelle Lange this summer could never be taught in a classroom.


I now understand why people place such a high value on years of experience no matter what career it may be. The best explanation for this is the saying, ‘practice makes perfect’ and I have already noticed the difference a summer of working has made in teaching me how to handle different situations.


I was involved in every aspect of what Michelle and other commercial real estate agents do on a daily basis. I definitely got a full perspective of what the job requires and how everyday is different. I learned right from the beginning that you have to be self-motivated to be successful in commercial real estate because the only way anything ever got done was going out and making something happen.


I spent the first couple weeks marketing the properties we had listed. This involved making phone calls and personally introducing myself to companies I believed would be most interested. Without ever being in a sales position before, doing this taught me the significance of making a good first impression and the importance of developing a relationship even when someone isn’t interested at the time because you never know when they might change their mind.


Once I learned how to provide personal service to the properties we represented, it was time to start prospecting for new listings. I found this to be more difficult because there seemed to be a big difference between marketing a property and marketing yourself as a person. I learned it was more powerful to give people time to consider rather than it was to try and push them into something they are not interested in.  It took time to make connections with potential clients, but I quickly learned that their trust in you and what you can do for them was what mattered most.


I also spent much of my time helping tenants look for new available space to move in to. I found this part to be the most enjoyable because I felt I could really understand their needs, which allowed me to try my hardest to search for what they were looking for. I did everything from calling brokers for more information to driving up and down the roads on the lookout for spaces that were empty.  My favorite part was setting up showings to see a property the tenants showed interest in and getting their feedback on it.


One of the most valuable aspects of my internship this summer was how it allowed me to meet several other people in the industry. I was able to talk with many other brokers from all over Greenville, as well as, builders and inspectors who play a major role in real estate.  I also got the chance to attend Chamber of Commerce events, where I was able to meet people from several other businesses and learn what they do.  One of the biggest lessons I will take away from my time spent here this summer is the importance of the connections you make with people even while you’re not working. I learned that people go to those they know when they need something so there is never a wrong time to share with them what you can do.


This summer has flown by so fast and it’s hard to believe I’m already preparing to return back to Clemson for my last year before I graduate.  I owe a huge thanks to Michelle Lange, Jack Snedigar, and everyone else at Spectrum Commercial Properties for providing me one of the greatest experiences I could ever ask for. I’ve learned more things this summer than I ever imagined I would. I am positive that my time spent working here will be a huge asset to me in the future because I know I will always remember the lessons I learned through this real world experience.


Brianna Knapp