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August 27th, 2014

Working in commercial real estate, I have the opportunity to meet small business owners in a variety of industries. I always enjoy hearing the story of how and why they started their business. Entrepreneurs are go –getters. They possess many qualities which are admirable such as confidence, flexibility, passion, tenacity and vision to name a few.

Small businesses are a powerful economic engine. The Small Business Association reports small businesses employ approx. half of the nation’s workforce and total 99.7% of employers. It is clear, small businesses are the livelihood of our national economy and local community.  

When we shop in our local communities, we are giving back to and strengthening our local economies; creating new jobs, growing the business and investing money in our communities to improve services and schools.

In South Carolina, the South Carolina Department of Commerce provides effective support to small business owners. Their goal is to lead the country in assistance to small businesses. Recently, the South Carolina Department of Commerce provided assistance to Boyd Cycling, a manufacturing company in Greenville County, SC. “Our goal is More Business for South Carolina Small Businesses, and Boyd Cycling is an outstanding example of how a small business can successfully secure funding and use available resources to grow right here in our state,” says James Bateman, with Small Business Development, at the S.C. Department of Commerce.

It feels good to support businesses in our communities. I know you are like me and shop local when you can. It is the right thing to do.

Michelle A. Lange

South Carolina Department of Commerce www.sccommerce.com

Piedmont SCORE,  www.piedmontscore.org

The Small Business Association, www.sba.gov